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CLIENT: McKellar McGowan Development
PROJECT: Carlyle Carlsbad Village
DATE:  July 2020
BRAND STATEMENT: Ultimate Perfection. Captivating Lifestyle.

Prior to the onset of the CV19 pandemic, Carlyle Carlsbad Village sales were slow and needed a boost. Within 60 days the project was re-branded with new strategies, directed photo shoots completed for new content and quality imagery in the advertising. Online tools; website, online ads were re-designed.  New advertising messaging and mediums, print and digital – realigning a marketing budget with new marketing tools inlcuding a branded golf cart for homebuyer tours to experience the Carlsbad Village downtown lifestyle were implemented.

Outcome: Successful, safe Grand Opening adhering to all health protocols for more than 52 group tours (100 + individuals).  1 direct sale from the Grand Opening – Overall sales increased from 8 to 19 in 60 days timeframe.

Socially Distant Grand Opening

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Rebranding & Marketing

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